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Refund Policy


This Refund Policy (AGREEMENT) applies to all courses provided by Refactor America (RFA) and is accepted by registrant (STUDENT) upon submission of course registration.


RFA is committed to providing a hands-on learning experience to every STUDENT who registers for one of our courses. Our teaching methodology is instructor led, but driven by student participation. The course format includes lectures, case studies, lab exercises and student projects delivered to STUDENT at a location of our choosing.


The course fees include a non-refundable student processing fee of 50% of the total price.


RFA will make every attempt to start and conduct a course on the advertised dates at the advertised times. However, from time to time, RFA may need to reschedule a course. In the event RFA reschedules a course, STUDENT will be given the choice of re-registering for the same course on the rescheduled dates OR submitting a cancellation request for a full refund including the student processing fee.


STUDENT can cancel their course registration any time after they register and request a full refund less the non-refundable student processing fee. All cancellations must be submitted in writing and delivered via email to cancellation@refactoramerica.com. STUDENT will receive, from RFA, a return email confirming receipt of their cancellation request.

In the event that RFA has to cancel, and does not subsequently reschedule a course, STUDENT will be entitled to a full refund of the course fee including the student processing fee. 


RFA reserves the right to terminate STUDENT registration in any course at any time for any reason. STUDENT will be entitled to a prorated refund of their course fee, less the non-refundable student processing fee. Proration will be based on the number of hours or days remaining in the course as of the date or time of termination. 


If RFA provides STUDENT with a laptop computer and software necessary to complete the course, STUDENT agrees to immediately return the laptop computer and software in the same condition in which STUDENT received it upon any cancellation or termination notice. Failure by STUDENT to return the RFA provided laptop computer and software may result in both the forfeiture of any refundable amounts and additional charges for the replacement cost of the hardware and software. 


RFA will process all refunds in accordance with this AGREEMENT within 5 business days of a valid cancellation or termination that results in a refundable amount. Refund checks will be issued to STUDENT and sent via first class mail to the name and address indicated on the STUDENT registration form.
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