Microsoft SQL Fundamentals


This course is intended for anyone that works with Microsoft SQL Server or is an aspiring Microsoft SQL Server developer or administrator (DBA). In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of the SQL language, Core Database Concepts, Creating Database Objects, Manipulating Data, Data Storage, and Administering a Database. This workshop is highly recommended for anyone that works with applications that use Microsoft SQL Server as its backend, or if you develop applications with SQL Server for data storage, and also webmasters, technicians, or anyone considering a career as a Database Administrator. This course does provide foundational knowledge for the Microsoft Technology Associate Exam 98-364.
In this workshop you will:

Understanding Core Database Concepts

  • Understand how data is stored in tables.
  • Understand relational database concepts.
  • Understand data manipulation language (DML).
  • Understand data definition language (DDL).

Creating Database Objects

  • Understand data types.
  • Understand tables and how to create them.
  • Understand views.
  • Understand stored procedures and functions.

Manipulating Data

  • Select data.
  • Insert data.
  • Update data.
  • Delete data.

Understanding Data Storage

  • Understand normalization.
  • Understand primary, foreign, and composite keys.
  • Understand indexes.

Administering a Database

  • Understand database security concepts.
  • Understand database backups and restore.
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