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Networking 101


This course is intended for anyone that works on networked computers or devices; any computer that connects to the internet is networked. In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of how computers connect and communicate over a network. The workshop will cover essential skills for troubleshooting network connectivity and name resolution. Labs throughout the workshop will reinforce the course material. This workshop is highly recommended for anyone that works with networked computers or devices, including webmasters, technicians, or anyone considering a career in an Information Technology field.
In this workshop you will:

Learn the fundamentals of networking

  • Review examples of different types of networks.
  • Mac addressing
  • Ip addressing
  • Subnet masks
  • Routing principles

Discuss DHCP

  • Defining a DHCP Scope.
  • Using a single server across multiple subnets.
  • Setting up reservations

Discuss DNS

  • External DNS
  • Internal DNS
  • Split DNS
  • DNS and Security

Learn to use network tools

  • ARP
  • PING
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